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THC: 120mg

A breath of fresh air for users
with savory palettes instead of sweet”



Auntie Dolores Savory Pretzels is a San Francisco-based company that makes gourmet weed edibles.  Their snack line features items such as salty pretzels, glazed pecans, cannabis caramel popcorn, cheese biscuits, and cocoa cookies.  Each product is infused with cannabis oil.

The snacks come in a tube container that looks plenty more upscale than a typical homemade pot brownie.  They are vegan and free of sugar.

Their savory pretzels are a gourmet twist to an all-time favorite. Umami spices deliciously mask the flavor of cannabis.  And because the pretzels are bite-sized, they are a fun and easy way for users to consume marijuana on the down-low.  They are also a breath of fresh air for users with savory palettes instead of sweet.

They are a great option for medical patients in search of an infused edible that they can snack on throughout the day.  Each pretzel is individually dosed at 10 mg. of THC, so users know exactly how much they are snacking on.  This way they can gradually increase their dose as needed without feeling overly medicated

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