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THC: 70mg

“America’s favorite edible”



Cheeba Chews is a brand well known throughout the 420 community.  Their Cheeba Chews are award winning weed edibles for medical card holding patients in California and Colorado.

It is impressive that 70 mg. of THC is packed into a single bite-sized chewy taffy piece.  Users report that these cannabis caramels come on strong and fast. They come packaged one to a box, but it would not be too difficult to cut into smaller pieces.  In fact, recreational users highly recommend doing just that.

The taste of the chew is classically, leaving no doubt in a consumer’s mind that you they are consuming a very strongly-dosed marijuana edible. Thankfully, they don’t have to eat a lot.  With a reputation for consistency, consumers of the Cheeba Chew can be confident that they will have a predictable experience every time they have one.

The Quad Dose Chews are infused with Indica.  Indica strains most often provide a pleasant body buzz. This makes the chews great for relaxation, stress relief, and for an overall sense of calm and serenity. Indica is also very effective for overall body pain relief, and is often used in the treatment of insomnia.

Because the dosages are so customizable, these chews are perfect for both recreational consumers wanting a low dose, and for medicinal patients seeking pain relief.

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