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High Level terpenes by Eva Seeds made by Cali Terpenes are 100% naturals and are used mainly to scent extracts, resins and oils, as well as to add in glycerines.


High Level Terpenes

High Level Terpenes free of cannabinoids(THC, CBD), solvents or heavy metals. Tested free from all impurities.

Cannabis and Terpenes:

While Cannabis was previously seen as a recreational drug and the focus remained on ‘THC’ the active ingredient that gave people the ‘high’, the dialogue has now moved towards the other compounds in cannabis, including cannabinoid e.g. CBD Oil and ‘terpenes’ being studied for its medicinal value.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are a compound found in plants, including cannabis, thought to create the differences in the aroma or fragrance of the cannabis strains. Some botanists and scientists use the term ‘essential oil’ to describe the properties of terpenes. Each individual terpene profile is responsible for a specific quality, taste, and the effect of interaction on the receptor.

Types of Terpenes and CBD Oil

Combining the 200 different terpene profiles with different cannabinoids creates a unique “entourage effect,” said to describe how each unique cannabinoids and terpenes, reacts with every individual. This combination creates a synergy that enhances the therapeutic benefits.

Thus, the unique quality of the terpene structure provides the characteristic of the aroma and helps identify the strain. Like the CBD oil with a citrus flavor profile will contain Limonene and other terpenes.

Also, High Level Terpenes will interact with the CBD individually to create different benefits to the user by effecting the neurotransmitters and receptors in the brain. Also, the individual may see an increase in dopamine activity or enhancement of norepinephrine activity.

Thus the distinction for terpenes is that along with Cannabinoids, terpenes are suggested to be the main physiologically active constituents in cannabis. Moreover, this allows them to interact with cannabinoids by either assisting or hindering the effects cannabinoids may have on the receptor.

Role and Benefits of Terpenes:

Futhermore, Considering this interaction, research around cannabis terpenes has increased and the flavor profiles, the levels of terpene etc. are being studied to understand the effects it may have in different ways. Understanding that cannabis contains 200 terpenes, individual terpenes are being researched progress knowledge on its interactions, effects and benefits including but not limited to:

– Therapeutic Effects of terpene through Aromatherapy

– Also, Utilizing the impact of terpenes with other cannabis compounds to find out the entourage synergy and help implement it within various drug productions.

As such, the main area of interest in understanding terpenes is moving towards the potential therapeutic role of the compounds. High Level Terpenes for sale at our shop.

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